It was a long summer day and i was on holiday for a week from office. And I had to stay at home because I promised my wife that I will be there for her. Being in a marketing profession I use to travel so much every now and then, and because of these outings of mine she stays very pissed at me. So I decided to take a little long holiday and spend some quality time with my wife. And believe me that was the wise decision I made to make things better between us.

So in order to make her feel good I decided to watch a movie at home from one of her favorite’s chick flicks like The Notebook, Clueless, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, P.S I love you and all. I asked her which one she would like to see and she picked the “Spectacular now” from all those. Then I look out for the ratings on Imdb, reviews and watched the trailer too, so that I can bear it or not lolz.

Later I decided to watch it online on the the home theatre I recently purchased, as I read somewhere in the reviews that the movie got nice soundtrack too. Because of the home theatre I had to download it with 1080p HD print. Ultimately I had it streaming on my system. We really enjoyed it while cuddling on the sofa. We had pop corns, chocolates and drinks too while enjoying the movie.

After finishing the movie she was very pleased with the time we spent and gave me permission that I can do some gambling stuff in the evening. So, when I was looking on web to download the movie I came upon some link that were offering some pokie games associated with the movie title itself called the Spectacular Wow. I played it with my wife on my side later in the night and had an amazing day together.