Jackpot slots count an extra layer of excitement because you never know when you will win a huge cash prize or a jackpot. Mecca Bingo offers a variety of online slot games. Many have a daily bank available. There is something for everyone, whether you want to play the Daily Jackpots, Jackpot King, or Mega Jackpot slots. For a chance at winning big, you can try games such as Genie Jackpots and Reel King Potty.

The Daily Jackpot, a progressive-style online jackpot, is one of the most popular in Mecca. It is also awarded to one daily winner and their regular in-game winnings. It is ideal for daily players and works by adding all the contributions made by each player to the game. The jackpot’s value increases with every wager made on the game. One lucky player will win the bank each day at a specific time.

Jackpot King is a progressive jackpot tied to all Jackpot King-branded games. This jackpot is automatically added to your total every time you play a slot that has it. It’s your chance at big wins.

Progressive Jackpot Mobile

Jackpot games are more exciting than the usual slots because they offer more cash prizes. Many online jackpot games include Daily Jackpot, Jackpot King, or Mega Jackpot. Progressive jackpot slots increase the jackpot until it is won. The bank is increased when someone plays one of these games. A small allocation of the bet is added to increase the jackpot amount. The jackpot can be activated at any time. They can be obtained by taking specific actions in the game. It would be best if you were on the lookout for progressive jackpots.

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We offer you great chances to win big with a carefully selected selection of jackpot slots. Enjoy the fantastic graphics and sounds; you could win a large jackpot. We have everything you need, from beautiful spaces to exciting bingo games. You can even unlock huge jackpots! Look at our vast preference for games, and let the fun begin.

There are some slots you can play:

Reel King Potty – King Pot Edition

You can win some great prizes with this slot. Be careful: The winnings can make you go crazy.

You must spin all five reels in a single spin to win one of the progressive jackpots. This action activates the Reel King Potty feature. The reels will spin once for a winning combination, and you’ll get one of the mighty jackpots.

The Reel King element is activated when all five reels turn yellow during a spin. This point could drive anyone insane! You could win 5x your total wager.

Main game

The goal is to match 3, 4, or 5 symbols on a winning line consecutively, from left to right. A feature is activated when all five reels turn yellow or red at the end of a spin. Each spin has 20 lines.

Reel King function

The Reel King feature activates when all five reels turn yellow during a spin. One or more reels will have a King character. Each king comes with its reels that will give the player a series of wins. The King of the Reel is removed when a losing spin occurs.

The feature’s main prize is a total wager of 500x. The hit rate for the quality ranges from 60 to 100 games. The part ends when all characters are gone, and the game usually resumes.

King Potty Reel

The Reel King Potty function is activated if all five reels turn red during a spin. Reel King will display a more prominent character, with P, O, and T symbols in gold, silver, and bronze, respectively, and crown symbols on his reels. Once a winning combination is achieved, the reels will pay one of the progressive jackpots.


All lines must pay from left to right, and all symbols must be consecutive. Each spin has 20 lines. The highest winning line wins, and the line bet multiplies the win by one. The wild symbol of the jester hat can be substituted for any other character.

You can wager all winnings up to 1,000x on the total bet except progressive jackpots, which are cashed automatically. Per game, only one Reel King Potty progressive jackpot can be won. The total amount of bet will determine how often this feature is activated. Both feature types can be started in the same game. The Reel King Potty is first, followed by the Reel King.

Genius Grand Prix

This point is your chance to make a wish and spin the reels. The 20-line slot has a unique 3-wish genie spin, which is randomly activated and offers a lot of royal rewards. Jackpot Genie, who can appear from his lamp during any spin and grant you a wish – one of five possible bonuses

A Magic Carpet Bonus feature can make your experience even more fun. Your bonus prize will increase if you show ‘Move’ to your monkey. The Mystery Win Bonus is where the Genie will appear. You’ll need to hit your treasure chest to deposit money into your bonus win meter. To keep the mystery bonus, you will choose a magic light bulb. Could you take a look at them? You have to see this mystical game to believe it.

Please refer to the help menu for information about symbols and basic instructions.

The Total Bet field allows you to select the amount of your bet. This ranges between 20 pence and 200 pounds sterling. To meet the Genie, click the Spin button once you are ready. It is essential to create winning combinations on the reels. Genie Jackpots will be highlighted, and your account balance will be credited with your winnings.

2 Bonus Scatter emblems on reels 1 and 3, followed by a special Scatter symbol on reel 5, award 1 of 2 bonuses. The Mystery Win Bonus is awarded by a Chest Scatter symbol on reel 5. The Magic Carpet Scatter symbol on reel five awards the Magic Carpet bonus.

Wild symbol

You can use the wild symbol to substitute for other symbols and help you form line wins. It cannot replace “scatter” symbols and “bonus” symbols.

Mysterious victory

The Mystery Win Bonus is activated by landing 2 Bonus Scatter symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5. A Chest Scatter on reel 5, and 1 on reel 3, will also trigger it. The Genie will be found in the treasure room next to a large treasure box. You will receive a cash prize if he hits the chest with his Magic Mallet.

You can then choose from one of three lamps. You can then reveal the Genie to receive more prizes. Continue the feature until COLLECT appears from a lamp. You will be awarded the Bonus Win amount.

Magic carpet

The Magic Carpet Bonus is activated by landing 2 Bonus Scatter symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5. A Magic Carpet Scatter on reel 5, and 1 Bonus Scatter symbol on reel 3, will also trigger it. To move along the path, you will need to choose a lamp. To be magically transported from one position to another on the way, reveal a Genie icon. Silver Lining will take you to the cloud to earn Big Money.

3 Wish Power Spins

A 3 Wishes Power Spin is triggered by the Genie appearing from a lamp during any game. To reveal your wish, select a magic lamp. Infectious Monkey Wilds can leap off any symbol next to it and transform them into WILD.

You can reveal special GENIE WILDS that can transform any position on the WILD reels. Double your win, re-spin the reels and get up to 2 winning spins.