Magic… the world of anonymous happening. Anything can be happened in it. The thing which your mind thinks cannot happen but things were happening in front of your eyes. Now you can’t accept it neither ignores. But this is the alluring world of magic where the magician made a binding with the spectators and performs the unbelievable things to be believed. Every spectator present there knows that they are just performing tricks but they don’t care about it. You can say same things about the casinos. Playing there gives you a feeling like you are performing a magic trick and watching others performing. If you will perform the trick right then you will win lots of money, if your trick backfire you then you will lose your belongings. Difference between these are magical tricks are performed by lots of practice and in casinos everything depends on luck.

Online entertainment is my passion. These were my first love at age 3. This is not the story of how my love for these began. This article will tell you how Double Magic introduced me to the game. Since the beginning of my career, I have loved playing slots. You could say that I began playing these games. These games were my passion and I was eager to discover new types. I was inspired to create this play one day. That day, I was looking for something new to play. I was looking for the site where I used to play every day. Because I didn’t have my laptop that day, I searched on my phone. I chose the play above and began to try it. It was a traditional type of play, which I discovered when I looked into it.

It was so cool and alluring that I cannot keep myself away from it. So, I decided to try it. I already had my account on that site, so for me there was no need of registering there.

The rules and strategy were very similar to those on the platform. My first bet was not with real money, but with the bonus that I had in my account. I won the first three times I tried, and then lost again. However, that was with no real cash. Next, I tried it with real cash. I lost it. It was a nail in my coffin. I didn’t let it stop me. I tried again, but this time I succeeded and won. It was a mixed experience. However, the good experience was far more.

Sweet Life 2 Slots

Welcome to your dream life! You will be capable of appreciating the best of Life here! No, this is not a fantasy world – it’s the world of Igrosoft and his wild antics on the hunt for honey! You can join him and enjoy various features, from mind-bending jackpots to rib-tickling humor.

Sweet Life 2 is a primary old-school slot machine that will try to entice you to play for the day. You can transform your mind after a few spins. Let’s see.

Life Through a Sweet Lens

Igrosoft is one of the most popular developers and designers of slot machines in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Igrosoft has been a mainstay of the slot industry for many years. Classic slots inspired by Russian culture, folklore, and traditions are a staple of their repertoire. Sweet Life, which we reviewed here on Vegas Slots Online some time ago, was probably the first slot they released in the UK. Dear Life 2 attempts to continue that legacy.

It’s the same idea. The spinner has to help the main character in this sweet story, a wild Siberian bear, find pots and honey by spinning the wheel. You will find happiness by collecting all the banks.

Sweet Life 2 has a much better visual appeal than its predecessor. This is to be expected. This slot was created nine years ago, and the stamps from that time are still visible. Keep your expectations in check.

Sweet Life 2 is a good game if you expect something other than high-end CGI animations or sound effects.

Sweetening the Deal with Symbols

Sweet Life 2 is all about sweetness. The familiar characters are a wasp’s nest, a beekeeping kit, wildflowers, and the most sought-after of all, honey barrels. Five-of-a-kind combinations of regular symbols can pay up to 105,000 coins.

We want to remind you that the wagering limits are different before you get a little berserk when you see those huge numbers. Although five reels and nine pay lines may seem reasonable, it is better to start cautiously when you must wager up to $100 per line.

The value of coins is low (1 cent up to 10 cents). The total dollar value of a spin is $90 if you go full-bore and reel-reel. This sounds better.

Make it more interesting!

So far, so good. Sweet Life 2 has the same bonus round as almost all Igrosoft slots. We will exclusively spend a little time on the wild symbol, the Siberian Bear.

The scatter symbol, a beehive, comes to your rescue and brings a particular bonus round. You will be taken to a stinging cauldron if you get three or more additional scatter symbols on the screen. Take your pick carefully, as a nest of wasps has been cleverly camouflaged. It doesn’t count where they are on the reels.

Although the payout criteria for this round may need to be clarified, we believe it will result in a 3x multiplier of your base game wins for that particular spin. That’s sweet enough for us.

The cherry on top is a Super Bonus round. Once you have completed the bonus round, it is automatically activated. The Super Bonus Round is an old-fashioned, straight-out duel where you can double your money or go home. You can risk it all and double your money up or take it safely home.

Sweet Treat

Fair and square, to enjoy Sweet Life 2, you have to set your expectations aside and take things a little easier. This is a primary slot that might need to be more appealing to high rollers or those who are interested in maximizing margins. It is also a good slot for people who want to try out real-deal places.