I have worked for around ten years in a very elegant pub of Sydney. I really loved my work there, the people and staff was very nice. And I got this very good friend of mine. Who had good contacts in the gambling city Vegas, his brother was working there in a casino. He was a guitarist and used to do recording and play in a local band of a hotel and casino.

So, the brother offered us to come to him and live some life there, additionally money was going to be good there off course. So we decided to take off and accepted the offer. Believe me getting there was the wisest decision I made in my entire life. The big city life was pretty amazing. I was really amazed by looking the lavish and so luxurious lifestyle people experiencing there. Because of him I also got the chance to experience that wonderful life. On weekend we used to have so much fun out there, all the three of us.

One day, when we got our first salary we decided to party little hard, we went to the casino where we used to serve, that we will go there and have some fun. Very first we had some drinks and then went to this slot machine called The Winstone. It is a 5-reel, 25-bet line video slot machine, with five spinning reels from which to form your winning combinations. Overall I liked it pretty much because of the theme. It was based on the prehistoric theme if you have ever liked the movie or show Flintstone then you must gonna like it.

The symbols which this one offers are very special, so with the help of these symbols you can win a huge amount of money and big prizes and if you win continuous three spins at a time then you can also win jackpot round too. So I would definitely suggest all my readers to try it or you can download it too.