If you love to be in the world of pokies, it is quite natural that the interest which any human being has, tries to make a wide search to find either is there any game or form of play of gambling. In the same I am very much fond of music, I made a search for that through online about my favourite one and I found the Galactic Gopher the most challenging and amazing one.

The game is featured with five reels and good number of lines of pay which is about 30 through which you have the wide options to win. This is themed in such a way that you will get lost in the universe with the animated icons which are used in the interface. It gives you the option of betting between one to maximum of five coins which makes the set of min bet of $0.01 per spin of the slot to maximum of $30.

The standard symbol which is used up in this one is the animated icon of the faces and some of the cards such as nine, ten, jack, king, queen and ace along with the family of animals like ape, dog, chicken etc. who play the role as the family of astronauts. During the visit of the universe you will that you are also with them and you are busy in collecting the prizes and gifts of your own desire. As you know that this is a video pokie, the visual and audio effect is very fantastic that will make your heart to beat rapidly by the blasting noise sound of the rocket.

I won many prizes which forced me not to peep out from this and fortunately I won some free spins and the most wonderful was the jackpot. It was really a pleasing moment. One thing I would like to suggest to the readers that if you are going to try this only when you feel that if you have spare time rather than making it in habit of making real cash.

Go Bananas Slot Machine

Go Bananas, a slot machine with monkey island themes with five reels and 20 lines, is fun. Although it doesn’t offer many bonus features, there are plenty of Wild Monkey symbols. Do you want to know more? Continue reading.

Graphics and animations

Go Bananas has a great look and feels natural in its attempt to add layers to the fun animal experience. The game’s overall design is excellent, with its treehouse backdrop, mischievous monkeys, juicy fruits, and glimmering jewels. The 3D animations in the slot are virtually non-existent, but the game runs smoothly with 20 pay lines. The overall gameplay was smooth. I didn’t experience any lag.


Go Bananas video slot has five reels, three rows, and 20 pay lines. It also features five wild monkey symbols that will come to life when you win. This combination is excellent and works well in the execution of this game.Net Entertainment did not offer a free spin feature for this slot, but they compensated with many winning spins. Go Bananas was 25 minutes long. I started with $50 and then quickly hit a wild monkey symbol that triggered two wilds. This boosted my bankroll by at least $11.My ending balance was $61.This demo mode gives players a taste of how it will feel when they play slots for real money.


Go Bananas may not be the most popular Net Entertainment slot, but it is well-designed and features plenty of options for monkey lovers. This game is an excellent choice for fans of animal slots with plenty of Wilds.

Venturing into the vibrant world of online pokies offers an escapade into the realm of chance and excitement, where themes like music and galactic travels can merge to create an enthralling gaming experience. One such adventure that blends these elements is the Galactic Gopher, a game that stands out for its interstellar theme and engaging gameplay.

Galactic Gopher propels players into the depths of space with its five-reel layout and thirty pay lines, providing a galaxy of opportunities to win. The cosmic theme is not just a façade; it engulfs players, transporting them to a universe filled with whimsical animated icons. These range from the faces of various space-faring critters to traditional card symbols, including the nine, ten, jack, queen, king, and ace, all creatively adapted to fit the intergalactic motif.

This slot game allows players to wager from a modest $0.01 per spin, making it accessible to casual gamers, to a maximum of $30 for those looking to bet more aggressively. It’s not just the betting range that’s flexible; the array of symbols, including a menagerie of animals like apes, dogs, and chickens dressed as astronauts, adds to the charm and engagement of the game. They don’t just spin on the reels; they narrate a story of cosmic adventure where players are fellow travelers, amassing their own collection of celestial treasures.

As a modern video pokie, Galactic Gopher doesn’t skimp on sensory appeal. The audiovisual effects are stellar, with the high-energy sounds of rocket blasts punctuating the gameplay, intensifying the thrill of each spin and win.

My foray into this cosmic journey yielded a plethora of prizes, including free spins and, to my exhilaration, a jackpot. This winning streak created an immersive experience, making it difficult to return to earthly concerns. However, a word of caution to players: dive into this interstellar quest when you have time to spare, and avoid the allure of chasing real cash as a habitual pursuit.

Switching gears from the vast cosmos to the playful tropics, Go Bananas Slot Machine transports players to a monkey island adventure. This five-reel, 20-line game may not boast an abundance of bonus features, but it compensates with an army of Wild Monkey symbols that enhance the gaming experience.

While Go Bananas may lack the 3D animations seen in some other slots, its graphical quality doesn’t fall short. The treehouse setting, cheeky primate characters, luscious fruits, and shiny gems create a visual feast that complements the slot’s theme. Plus, the seamless gameplay without lags ensures a smooth and enjoyable gaming session.

The gameplay itself is robust, featuring five reels, three rows, and 20 pay lines, along with five distinctive wild monkey symbols that animate to celebrate your wins. Although Net Entertainment might have skipped on a free spin feature, they’ve made up for it with frequent winning spins. My brief session on Go Bananas, starting with $50, was a testament to this as I quickly landed a Wild Monkey symbol, ushering in two additional wilds that inflated my bankroll by $11, rounding off my balance at $61 in demo mode—a fine preview of the potential wins in real-money play.

In summary, Go Bananas stands out as a delightfully designed slot game from Net Entertainment, perfect for enthusiasts of animal-themed slots and those who relish the excitement of wild symbols. Its straightforward charm is a fitting tribute to slot lovers who prefer their gaming experience to be both engaging and uncomplicated.