If you love to be in the world of pokies, it is quite natural that the interest which any human being has, tries to make a wide search to find either is there any game or form of play of gambling. In the same I am very much fond of music, I made a search for that through online about my favourite one and I found the Galactic Gopher the most challenging and amazing one.

The game is featured with five reels and good number of lines of pay which is about 30 through which you have the wide options to win. This is themed in such a way that you will get lost in the universe with the animated icons which are used in the interface. It gives you the option of betting between one to maximum of five coins which makes the set of min bet of $0.01 per spin of the slot to maximum of $30.

The standard symbol which is used up in this one is the animated icon of the faces and some of the cards such as nine, ten, jack, king, queen and ace along with the family of animals like ape, dog, chicken etc. who play the role as the family of astronauts. During the visit of the universe you will that you are also with them and you are busy in collecting the prizes and gifts of your own desire. As you know that this is a video pokie, the visual and audio effect is very fantastic that will make your heart to beat rapidly by the blasting noise sound of the rocket.

I won many prizes which forced me not to peep out from this and fortunately I won some free spins and the most wonderful was the jackpot. It was really a pleasing moment. One thing I would like to suggest to the readers that if you are going to try this only when you feel that if you have spare time rather than making it in habit of making real cash.